Feb 2, 2018

What's Left from 2017

It’s been the fourth year for me, to start the first blogpost in each year by reflecting what’s going on and left from the previous year. I’m kinda happy to write this kind of post, because its one of my reflection’s type in starting the new year. Every year is a blessing for me, so does with year 2017. I learn how to be surrender by whatever Allah has perfectly written for me. Everything is maktuub.

Some Highlight from year 2017

Started the year of 2017 by having a trip to Bandung with my family. It’s kinda refreshing since my lil brother was living in Gorontalo. Besides that, it was my first time for me to visit Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Starting my year of 2017, Allah gives me another blessing through His grace by giving me a new house. You know it’s finally adult life when you started to join KPR, hehehe.


Having my first trail running with my running-mate was very good, running through natures. I have always been dreaming to have a pair of flyknit shoes, and finally I got it with my Nike Flyknit Racer Triple Black. I’ve been into monochrome life for the past few years, so its perfect pair for me. Finally, I’ve got a very cheap ticket to Japan by Singapore Airlines. No pain no gain that’s what I learned.

Trail Run in Gunung Pancar
Nike Flyknit Racer Triple Black edition

In this month we celebrated International Woman Days, I celebrated through running together with the girls of Jakarta. It feels good when it comes to woman’s empowerment. This month also my best friend, Ratri was giving birth to a beautiful daughter which I haven’t meet her until now, hahaha. Please forgive aunty Elsa.

Nike Running Club on IWD Run

There’s always the first time for everything, I had a solo traveling to Singapore for Coldplay’s concert. It’s really good having a me time for knowing myself better and further. Strolling around through Haji Lane and Kampong Glam was my favorite area in Singapore. Finally, I knew it, Allah is never ever to leave me alone. Watching Coldplay’s concert was a childhood’s dream came true, the vibes is everything.

Kampong Glam, Singapore

It’s the end of Nike Indonesia X India Running Challenge, it was a great competition where finally I unleashed my limit to run more than 100 km’s in a month. By joining this competition, it makes me to love more for running. Through running, its succeeded to achieve the best version of myself. Nothing is impossible, Just Do It.

Indonesia Nike Liaison Office Runners 

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan and it’s the time for seeking the Laylatul Qadr. I experienced the strange feeling, it’s kinda a religious experience for me in the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Hopefully, Allah SWT is still giving a chance for me to experience it again in the next Ramadhan, aamiin yaa Rabb. What’s more beautiful than Eid Mubarak celebration, more time with family. It’s where a life started, and love never ends.

Ramadhan Night
Eid Mubarak

I flew to Japan by solo traveling. I visited Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. I will write the details of my Japan trip in a separated blogpost, promise. It’s a month full of learning. Learning to accept and surrender for whatever Allah has perfectly planned for. Everything is maktuub. There’s no point of being regret, everything was a learning process. The silliest experience from my Japan trip was view-gazing while crying while waiting my departure from Kansai Airport to Haneda Airport till I realized that I almost miss my flight to Tokyo at that time, hahahaha.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Kawaguchi Lake

I have been started my Half Marathon’s training for almost three months, and it’s the race time, Bali Marathon. It was my first half marathon, I still never forget the nervous, the overthinking, the pains, the tears that brought me to the finish line. Okay, it makes me craving for another Half Marathon though in future time.

Bali Marathon

My Dad went for Hajj as Indonesia’s health officers. It makes me really envy and proud at the same time. What’s more envious that having a business trip while performing Moslem’s five pillars, going to Baitullah. By seeing my Dad went for Hajj, it makes me to urge to pursue my ‘traveling’ too to Mecca, someday Insya Allah.

Labbaik Book

Joining a second time for running challenge within a year, I know it was crazy but it’s kinda addictive too. Joining my office running squad through Nike Indonesia 29 Running Challenge, and we went for our Half Marathon together as a team. It was crazy. And in this month also, it was my second official Half Marathon through Jakarta Marathon. It’s kinda lack of preparation for me, so I failed to run under 3 hours.

Jakarta Marathon

So far I could remember, there’s nothing special through this month maybe, hehehe.


Finally I got my Nike Pro Hijab, it’s one of must have item list since the brand I’m working with was supported the Moslem woman empowerment. I have been juggling with house renovating and it was really stressful for me. But, always trust the process, in the end I can make it through the supports from my family. And I move to my new house that’s already been abandoned for almost one year. Home sweet home. 

Nike Pro Hijab

Hopefully I still can write on What's Left from 2018 next year. Adios.

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