Apr 7, 2017

Singapore's Contemplation Mind

Once in a lifetime, GO solo traveling.

Soekarno Hatta International Airport

I just came back from my Singapore’s traveling few days ago; actually I went there for Coldplay Head Full of Dream’s concert but what’s wrong while traveling around right? It turns out that it was my first solo traveling, even though during the concert’s day my friend came along, but for the rest of the day I went around by myself. IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE traveling experience for me. My mind was blowing and contemplating whenever I went. I had such an abundant amount for my “me time”, for figuring out everything.

Cloud Forest Dome in Garden by the Bay
Thus in this blogpost I want to share my solo traveling’s experience, just in case if you are longing to do so in future time. Here are my reflections from the contemplating minds in Singapore.

1. Finally you knew who you are missing most at life.
There are times, when you are just too tired to walk, pause the moment, chill somewhere, and you finally knew the person you are missing most. Used to be taking for granted for their presence, in the end you knew how worth they are.

Haji Lane Hustle Bustle

2. Even though how good prepare you are, only to The One we are leaning most.
I am that kinda typical who excited in planning itinerary. If they don’t prepare, they prepare to fail. But we don’t own the universe right, there’s The One who controls it at best. Indeed, while we are preparing for our travel, we have to ask His grace & guidance for the rest of our travel.

3. We knew what’s the most essential in our life, what it was and what it will be.
Since I have an abundant amount of “me time”, my mind is blowing. Figuring out of our life what it was and what it will be. Reminiscing all the travel’s memories I had back at time and guessing what the future looks like. In the end I found what’s the most essential at life; faith, family and profound.

Chill by the Pier, me time

4. Who is our first contact and last contact to call to at the airport?
I like this point; I could figure out the contacts who I call last before departing and who I call first after arriving. The reason is just simple, because they matter most for me.

5. You’ll appreciate every single thing.
“Do you want me to take your picture?” or just simply a smiles from the strangers in hustle bustle of the street; yes that kind little things I do appreciate most. Receiving such a warm smiles from the strangers is just like an oasis in the desert.

Found Giant Mirror Ceiling for Selfie

6. In the end, you knew how strong you are and how wort you are.
Yess, the luggage, the stairs, the new environment, the maps, the language; are just truly a strong proofs how strong you are. If it is easy, everybody can but in the end you did it all. Just know how worth you are.

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