Apr 13, 2017

Feeling COLD? Wanna PLAY? in Singapore

Are you feeling COLD? or are you wanna PLAY?

OOTD Pose for Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams

On 1st of April could be one of those days that I am gonna remember. I went to Singapore to watch Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams concert. Sometimes we need a spontaneous in life right? On last November 2016 my friend asked me whether to join her to watch Coldplay when the band announced for Asia Tours, of course I said YES hahaha. I have adored the band since I don’t know, maybe junior high, watching MTV could be the coolest things back then, and I watched them singing Yellow and since that time I started adoring their music.

It was been our fourth music concert we watched together with my friend. It turns out that Coldplay is THE BEST MUSIC CONCERT WE EVER HAD. Yes with capital letter!! Hahahaha. I thought everybody loves Coldplay, especially the 90-generation. I do listen to lyrics, and who does not love all Coldplay’s lyrics anyway? Yellow, Fix You, A Sky Fullof Stars, Something Just Like This are several of my fav’s song.

A Head Full Of Dreams Live in Singapore

I have arrived at Singapore the day before the concert, but my friend just arrived right in the same day with the concert. It turns out that all immigration gates at Singapore are fully packed during the concert’s day. Many overseas came for Singapore just because of Coldplay. It was an amazing race for us. I patiently do wait for her to come while I was nervous that we might be late for the concert. She flew from Jakarta to Singapore via Batam, and it was her first experience though just because of Coldplay. Crazy enough! Hahahaha.

Happy Face caused of Coldpay

After the hustling bustling at the immigration gates Harbourfront, finally we met at the stadium and it could be the epic one (seems we have not met for a years). But in the end, all is well. We arrived at the stadium just in time before the band performed. How was us during the concert? Sure we sing and dance along, even though we bought a seated ticket. It was just an amazing day after an amazing race for us also. Indeed, our bucket list before we die was already checked; to watch Coldplay’s concert.

High School Reunion. Meta is 5 months pregnant & watch Coldplay. Crazy.

How was the concert? Sure it’s one of the best music concerts in the planet. This is my humble opinion why it could the best music concert one.

The Lyrics & The Music
“When you try your best but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want but not what you need. When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep. Stuck in reverse. Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you”
Geez, its indescribable feeling when you sing along the lyrics with the entire stadium, the lyrics that could motivate us during down and low. If I could write all my fav lyrics from the band, maybe it will be a long blogpost that I could write.

The Lights

I thought this is what makes Coldplay’s concert is different with any other, the xylobands. Everyone is given a wristbands that contains LED which can change in any different colors. I think it is a cool one, how the software engineer could control’s the color’s light which supported the vibes in any song the band performed.

The Xylobands

The Fireworks & The Confetti

Okay this one maybe could be common stuffs in any music concert, but who does not love fireworks and confetti right? Especially if the fireworks and the confetti are matched with the xyloband’s color spectrum, it was superb beautiful.

The Balloons

I think this is the most surprising one, during the song An Adventure of Lifetime, suddenly many giant balloons are coming in the standing area. It was shocked yet beautiful. Hahaha.

After all, all the vibes are really memorable yet beautiful. Watching Coldplay’s concert included in the to-do-list of bucket list is really worth. See you again in another Coldplay’s concert. Adios. 

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