Mar 28, 2017

My TOP 5 Nasheed or Islamic Songs

My phone video recording during Maher Zain live in Jakarta, Peace Be Upon You.

Its been a long time I do really want to share about my favorite music to listen on. Some people might know me that I am a hardcore fans of K-Pop, I do listen to western songs a lot, Indonesian pop and much more. But, my most favorite genre after all is Nasheed or Islamic songs.

It started during my junior high, I lived in Islamic boarding school that introduce me to some well-known Nasheed groups. Being a Nasheed group members as school club is such a prestigious one, but too bad I always been rejected hahaha. Once my (alm) grandpa said, why don't I listen to Islamic songs whenever am I listening to, beside listening to a music, hopefully I'll get some blessed from hearing and singing the lyrics too.

Been dreaming to attend some Nasheed music concert, especially Raihan but I have not a chance yet. Alhamdulillah in 2016, I could attend Maher Zain live in Jakarta concert. Thus in this post I want to share my 5 Favorite Nasheed Songs:

1. Peace Be Upon You - Maher Zain
"The reason I'm strong, You're where I belong. 
  The reason for my pride, You're my guide"
This is my most favorite Nasheed song, whenever I listen to it; I felt calm, peace, and how beautiful Rasulullah PBUH could love us as his ummat. Subhanallah.

2. Asma Allah - Sami Yusuf
"Yaa mujibu, Ijab du'ana"
The first time I saw its music video, I CRIED. It surely mesmerized me to see how beautiful Islam is, seeing the different races, skin's color, nation, but how Islam united us well. Well, while singing the song, it made us to praise Allah SWT by His names.

3. Your Face is Bright - Raihan
"We are here, we think of you. Oo Muhammad, Rasulullah"
Yeah the lyrics said it all, how we are longing to meet our prophet Muhammad PBUH. Someday, Insya Allah. I do listen to this song to cheer up my day, the beat is so cheerful.

4.  Number One for Me - Maher Zain
"Ohh if I could turn back time rewind, if I could make it undone
  I swear that I would, I would make it up to you"
I take it for granted, yes I did. What could I do to make it up, to make my Mama proud of me.

5. Sepanjang Hidup - Maher Zain
"Kau hadir sempurnakan hidupku"
The lyrics is so deep. One day when I finally meet my future imam, this song is dedicated for him.

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