Mar 25, 2017

#herjapanstory - Day 4 : how I enjoy Osaka city-life.

Be Kind always, even to the Strangers.

Inside Osaka Castle Complex Area
On our fourth day in Japan, we visited Osaka Castle. It’s one of my anticipated list if I visit Osaka one day, caused I adore Toyotomi Hideyoshi so much. He is one of Japanese samurai. He built the castle during his period, and why I adored him so much because he is known as the Sword-less Samurai. Reading his biography, how he struggle during his early life until he reached the Samurai level is really incredible.

It turns out that Osaka Castle is really a huge complex, with its huge park area too, it’s one of my visited place list to run if I back to Osaka again. Then after we finished strolling around the castle, we did not enter the inside area due too we prefer to chill out in the park area. The Osaka Castle is surrounded by Osaka Castle’s moat. Since we rare to find the open space area in Jakarta, we did really happy to chill by its moats.

Osaka Castle

While we were chilling on the bench, there’s some Japanese stranger (middle-aged man) reached toward us. I was kinda worried at that time, I assumed he was drunk or crazy; he asked us to dance and sing along with him while he was serenaded with some Christmas song. He asked us where we are coming from, and then we answered from Indonesia. He talked a lot but in Japan language so that’s why I did not understand what he said about Indonesia. Instead I replied him with “haik, haik” or yes in Japanese. Hahaha. In the end we prefer to move the place while avoiding him, and then finally he hugged us as a goodbye while saying “sayonara”. Seems that he is not the type of people whom I thought before, but I do enjoy how to welcome the stranger and be kind always no matter what.

Tennoji Park

After we visited Osaka Castle, we googled some park in Osaka. Then we visited Tennoji Park, with expectation it looks like a Yoyogi or Ueno Park in Tokyo. When we arrived at Tennoji Park, it full with the elderly and kindergarten students. Hahahaha. But since we already there, we have to spend some time while chilling by its park. As long as our view, we saw so many young families are picnicking with their babies while enjoying the sun. Of course I do really enjoy the view (the young families and their babies) while imagining myself that could be me in future time LOL.

Hustle Bustles in Dotonbori
The Famous Takoyaki in Dotonbori

Where to spend some dinner in Osaka? Of course it’s Dotonbori (again). While I (forcefully) enjoy eating the famous Takoyaki in Dotonbori, I heard the loud cheering from the canal. It seems there’s some marriage proposal in the middle of the hustle bustling Dotonbori. Okay, I watched how romantic the couple is while eating the Takoyaki. Hahahaha.

Marriage Proposal in the middle of Dotonbori

Before we are going back to our Airbnb apartment, we passed by some nice French restaurant in Dotonbori canal riverside. The reason why we choose it because Ester found the chef is really handsome LOL. Actually my ultimate reason to visit its cafĂ© because I had to pee and I didn’t find any toilet nearby. So why not, we tried to chill while enjoying the river and chef view. Hahahaha. Finally in the end, we found that our eating cost at that French restaurant turns to be the most expensive one during our Japan trip. Hehehehe. Adios.

French Restaurant in Dotonbori


  1. Elsa... foto yang kedua teduh banget :)
    Ya Allah jadi pengen cepet-cepet keluar negeri lagi.. hahahaha
    Btw, mungkin karena kita tinggal di negara yang tingkat kriminalitasnya tinggi ya, plus di ibukota yang super keras, jadi bawaannya kalau ketemu stranger udah parno duluan. Salah satu poin plus kalau travelling keluar negeri ya itu sih, banyak surprise.
    Kapan2 cobain trip Indochina sa khususnya yang 'di bawah' Indonesia, pasti bakal banyak nemu moment gelo :D

    1. Iyaa Omaa, itu taman syahdu banget deh hehehe. Iyaa bisa jadi kita udah dilatih buat negative thinking duluan :( Huhuhuhu. Wahhh pengen banget nihh, mental dan budget nya harus disiapin dulu. Semangat Omaa, Visit Japan 2017 nihhh :))