Mar 15, 2017

#herjapanstory - Day 3 : Goodbye Kyoto, Hello Osaka.

Someday, I'll be back again for them; Kyoto & Osaka.

Kyoto City view from top of Kiyomizu Dera
Dotonbori at night, Osaka

I felt my heart in Kyoto, but I have to move to another city, Osaka during my Japan trip. Before leaving Kyoto, I managed to visit Kiyomizu Dera in eastern part of Kyoto. It’s a Buddhist temple and one of UNESCO world heritage located in Kyoto. After we checked out from hostel, along with our luggage, we put them first in Kyoto Station by using coin lockers service.

Main Temple of Kiyomizu Dera on early Autumn

Having a travel-mate is more than just a friend; we put our cooperation, understanding, how far we’ll accept the goods and the bad from our traveling partner. So did I, I knew that my traveling partner Ester is not the type who likes to hike and walk a lot, thus during our walk for Kiyomizu Dera (trust me it fulls with uphill’s) she complained and nagged a lot hehehe. But, once we reached the main temple, all of the hard works (uphill’s walks and hike) are paid off. We could see the city view of Kyoto from the top; meanwhile we could enjoy the nature scenery of Japanese type of temple also.

Inside the Kiyomizu Dera temple, we could find otowa-no-taki; the waterfalls where most of visitior are queued up to wish their health, prosperity and success in study by drinking its water. Most of the visitors who are in line are student; I found these elementary students are really kawaii with their yellow hat. After visiting Kiyomizu Dera, we could stroll around Higashiyama Street, where many of local street foods, souvenirs are available. Never forget to try its famous Kyoto matcha; from its buns, ice creams, mochi, cakes etc.

Kawaii students are in line for otowa-no-taki
Highasiyama District

After riding a train from Kyoto to Osaka, finally we arrived at our Airbnb apartment in Minami, Namba area. We found that our Airbnb is located strategically, 10 mins walk to Dotonbori area and 3 mins walk to Sakuragawa station. I suggest if any of you who will visit Osaka in future time, to use Airbnb service for their competitive price in Osaka area. We rented a private room apartment, with its kitchen, washing machine, balcony, and up to 4 peoples; for 500K IDR per night. For me it’s kinda cheap enough since I shared it with my travel mate. First thing to do once we arrive at our Airbnb is washing our clothes hahaha. It’s a funny experience also for me, since all the washing machine’s buttons are in Japanese, again in GOOGLE I TRUST, but we finally end up to 4 hours in washing hahaha.

Our Airbnb apartment in Minami, Namba, Osaka
City view from our Airbnb balcony

We finally walked to Dotonbori for some shopping and dinner, and finally I managed to visit Nike Osaka Store and IT WAS HEAVEN for me since I could use my employee discount also in Japan lol. We ate its famous Yoshinoya beef bowl for our dinner, and for me it’s not really different compare to its beef bowl in here Jakarta hehehe. I found out that Dotonbori seems like a Myeongdong for Seoul, crowded but addicted. Thus it is how we ended our day in Osaka, walking from Dotonbori to our Airbnb apartment along its canal is very calming and relaxing. I enjoyed a lot my time at Osaka, and I left my heart too in Osaka. Adios.

Nike Running Osaka in Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori
The view from inside Nike Store Osaka