Mar 8, 2017

#herjapanstory - Day 2 : one of the best times in my life.

It’s one of the best times in my life!

Arashiyama Station

During our second day in Japan, we went to Arashiyama bamboo forest. It is located in the western part of Kyoto, we went by train Hankyu Railways (again in Google I TRUST) since we didn’t buy any JR pass. We went at earlier morning in order to get some fresh breezy Arashiyama’s air. During our trip to Arashiyama, we met with some Japanese school’s group in their sport uniform. I found they are really cute indeed. I tried myself to ask them in English whether they are for school in the Sunday. Gratefully they are really friendly and told me that they were for school’s sport competition. Ahh like I saw in cartoon movies, cute.

Young Japanese Students in Sport Uniform

Finally we arrived at Arashiyama’s station and found that Arashiyama is BIG area and we could not imagine our self to walk by foot strolling all around HAHAHAHA. Finally we rented some bicycle for 600¥ for all day long, and it is the best decision I have ever made during my Japan trip. Even though it’s been a long time for me not to cycle, I found myself really nervous for cycling in the middle of foreign street with our less knowledge in Arashiyama’s map. But I tried to work it better with my travel partner. I found it’s really cool to experiencing Japanese neighborhood by cycling; indeed it was the best time in my life.

Bicycle's Rent for 600 JPY
Cycling around Arashiyama

We finally knew, it’s not only about bamboo groove that we could found in Arashiyama, but the neighborhoods, the Katsura River are damn beautiful. Thus we spent some hours to feel the river's breeze along Katsura River while eating some snacks, indeed it was the best time in my life. After chilling by Katsura River, we continue our cycling to the bamboo grooves and it was super crowded HAHAHAHA. But no pain no gain right to get some good picture along the bamboo groves, but we managed it well.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grooves
No Pain No Gain for Taking Picture in Arashiyama Bamboo Grooves

After we satisfied enough to stroll around the bamboo grooves we continue our cycling till we found some Japanese student in sport uniform, seems these young boys we met earlier at the train are in this event too. We cycled the neighborhoods till we were exhausted enough and decided to stop then going back to Kyoto.

Strolling Around Arashiyama Neighborhoods

Once we got to Kyoto, we visited its Starbucks for buying some Kyoto series tumbler and decided to spend some hours in their local coffee shop. We already decided which local coffee shop in Gion area that we will visit from previous days. Ehm thanks to Ester who has an eagle eye for some cute barista. We went to Spanish café and tried their coffee. Again, my friend succeeded in stealing these cute barista’s by falling down right in front of him HAHAHAHA. I could not stand myself not to laugh before helping her to stand up again LOL.

More Gion for me

Some Local Coffee Shop in Gion Area

Indeed, visiting Arashiyama; by cycling around its neighborhood was one of the best times in my life. The vibes, the neighborhoods, the wind breeze, the chills; are the memories that I will cherish at the future time. Adios.

Some Alley in Gion Area

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