Feb 20, 2017

What's Left from 2016

I know, it was too late to write some reflections on what’s going on in 2016. I was such super lazy blogger indeed. But, why not to post even though it was late right hehehe. 2016 was FULL of BLESSINGS for me, Allah gave me more than what I expected. Alhamdulillah.

Some Highlight from year 2016

It was my very first and hopefully the last car accident for me. My car was crushed by the BIG container and it was terrible. What you could do at those moment, is only saying Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raajiun. That’s what I could say. Besides the terrible moment, my best friend is getting married. I could never be that happy to witness her big day indeed.

Car Crushed with the Optimus Prime
Ratri & Fanzi's Wedding
Hijabi Bridesmaid on Duty

My very first project in my new position was launched, the legend of Samsung Galaxy S7. I could feel that proud during the production process, its every engineer’s ultimate feeling to be able to produce the amazing product.

People leave the job not because the job itself, but when they felt it’s no longer worth. I got other blessings to receive some job’s offering which turns to more than I expected. So why not to give it a try hehehe.

It was a farewell month in my previous company, but there’s always good in good bye. Having them as part of my life up to 4 years with all ups and downs.  So I move to Jakarta and having a new home sweet home and hello Just Do It life.

My best friend is launched her first book and I feel proud of her. It was my first time tho for joining Nike Running Club Jakarta and made me addicted for running more and more. How I felt the energy, positive vibes, Just Do It spirits from the club.

Pretty Little Things book by Kartika Paramita
It was Ramadhan month but I got Dengue fever. I felt bad for my mom, because she’s the one who accompany me during hospital. Watching her performed Shubuh prayer, hearing my name in her du’a, oh what else I could ask for. My Jannah is right under her feet.

The Number One for Me

Eid Mubarak means family time. I do enjoy exploring my kampong with family, the place that I used to take for granted. Besides that, I decided to buy a flight for Japan with my house mate, an impulsive traveler but it works. And I watched Selena Gomez live in Jakarta just because she is Taylor Swift’s BFF hahaha.

Enjoying Kampong Life

It was my first experience ever to join some running race though it was only 5K run. While I had the best concert experience ever, to watch my favorite singer while performing Shalawat. It was Maher Zain live in Jakarta concert, and he sang my fav song, Peace Be Upon You. I was spending my birthday tho in this month by new experience, blood donor on the birthday. While Allah is still giving you a life, sharing your blood for another life is the form you are being grateful for.

Jakarta Color Run 2016
Beautiful Concert I have ever Attended; Maher Zain Live in Jakarta
26th Birthday

I DID IT, my first 10K race. Ohh I like that feeling, when stepping the finish line that I thought it was impossible. Finally after being together for 8 years of friendship, my friends are visited my house and it was a good time for us.

Compressport Heritage Run
Pine Forest

KONNICHIWA JAPAN!! I will write about my Japan trip in a separated blogpost ;)


I read Shoe Dog’s book, it made me familiar with the history of Nike. If you want to like your job, you have to feel proud about it right, so that’s why I dig dive to know more about the Swoosh. I joined Nike Community Ambassador, I learnt how sport is gave a big impact for personal development.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Just Do It Indonesia crew
Nike Community Ambassador

Nothing special about what’s happened in this month, but finally I feel it again :)  Hopefully Allah SWT could lead me if is it a true love for me that made me closer to Him.

One thing that I have to say for my 2016 is alhamdulillah. Adios.

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