Feb 26, 2017

#herjapanstory - Day 1 : there's always the first time for everything.

There’s always the first time for everything. That’s the mantra during my first Japan trip. 

Some Intersections in the corner of Gion District
Nervous yet excited to experience the new culture, land and everything. We arrived at Kansai International Airport at Saturday’s morning; our plan is directly we’ll go for Kyoto. But first thing first, I have to understand how to ride Japan’s subway & maps. It’s kinda difficult for me compare to South Korea’s subway maps and system. But, there’s always the first time for everything right and in Google I TRUST, but Alahmdulillah gratefully we arrived at Kyoto Station.

Hallo, Kyoto!!
Since we won’t use any JR line (Shinkansen), then we bought ICOCA card for our local subway. Our first destination was Fushimi Inari Taisha. I thought we were crazy enough, without having any enough rest at the night before, we have to climb those thousand’s stairs in Fushimi Inari hahaha. I plan to hike the mount Inari too, but it’s only a plan. I never knew about Japanese’s shrine or any related to it before, but by visiting the Fushimi Inari I learned though how powerful and advance Japan is, they still respect where they were coming from. Fushimi Inari besides consisted of a thousand’s stairs, it build also by thousand’s Tori which donated from Japanese businessman.

Main Tori in Fushimi Inari Taisha

The Thousands Tori

Mini Tori in Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Our next destination was Gion District; we booked also some hostel in the heart of Gion area: JAM Hostel. I think this is my favorite part during my japan trip, Gion. We spent the night-walk to stroll Gion area, especially Hanamikoji street and Ponto-cho alley. The local shops, restaurants, buildings, Geiko, Kimono, alleys, streets; I superb left my heart in Gion surely. We spent also to sat for an hour while sight-gazing the Kamo river. I don’t know the history behind these Gion areas, but I felt it, how the culture is still to be preserve in this era. Gratefully, our front-view from our hostel was Komo river and Ponto-cho alley, though the room was not a satisfied enough, but the location is good; overall it was a worth penny to spent for the backpacker hostel.

Gion at Night: Hanamikoji Dori

Gion Alleys

Kamo River and Pontocho Alley

My first impression for Japan was never forget who you are and where you were coming for. Adios. 


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