Apr 19, 2015

Bandung; Everyone's Favorite for Sweet-Weekend-Escape

On April 11th, I and my friend, Ester & Henny went to Bandung for weekend escape. Originally we will watch a musical collaboration performance titled “Kita Sama-sama Suka Hujan” from Indonesian local indie musician; Banda Neira, Layur, Gardika Gigih, Suta Suma & Jeremia Kimoshabe. Actually I am not that into local indie music hahaha, but let’s try something new, isn’t it?

We stayed in 101 Dago Hotel, it has a strategic location in the main area Jl Ir H Djuanda thus we can arrive easily to our main visiting places. We booked the hotel by www.booking.com, it offers a choice for a customer to pay on site. Thus we have not afraid for the cancelation fee since we pay during check in. The hotel has a unique & luxurious interior design, even though the space was too small rather than any other one.

Deluxe Room 101 Dago Hotel
We visited Rumah Buku Kineruku in Jl Hegarmanah, we were surprised for its neighborhood, and it was so calming, peaceful and green. The atmosphere inside Kineruku was so quite, it offers lots of books from arts, music, architecture, philosophy and it sells lots of indie music CD and cassettes. PS the shopkeepers was a little bit scary hahahaha

One Corner in Rumah Buku Kineruku
Rumah Buku Kineruku

Vintage Shop Garasi Opa
Peaceful Neighborhood in Jl Hegarmanah