Feb 8, 2015

What's Left from 2014

It is better late than never, isn't it? Ahahahaha. Eventhough we have entered into February, nothing wrong if we turn back for looking some memories that we had created in the past year 2014. To sum up, 2014 for me is a year full of learning for growing up and to be mature enough. Beside I turned 24, I could learn that sometimes life will not going like we imagined and wanted. But Allah SWT is the Best Director that already set up our journey in this dunya.

Nothing special event that happened in this year to be exactly. So I will skip about this month :p

In this month, I traveled to the Singa-land, Singapore. The reason for coming to Singapore because I want to motivate my brother for continuing his Senior High School in Singapore. Thus together with my brother, Fikri, and my uni-roomate, Ester, we traveled to Singapore for 3 days 4 night stay. We visited Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, National University of Singapore, Sentosa Island, Little India, Chinatown, Bugis Street and we booked some backpacker hostel in Clarke Quay. PS it was my brother's first experience for riding an airplane. I still clearly remember his nervous face during take off and landing time. Ahahaha.

Singapore Trip
Actually it was my gloomiest month in 2014, I learned that sometimes life will not going to be like we wanted. Indeed, Allah SWT is the Best Director for my life. I applied to continue my master degree in South Korea but Allah has not directed me to do so. So let's try again in 2015 :D

I went for office outing in Megamendung, Puncak. Actually it was the best outing so far, due to combination for hiking and tracking in fresh river. But what happened next is actually the most ridiculous experience in my 24 years of life. Hahahaha. During we played in the river, unexpectedly leech (an animal that sucks our blood) entered my nose. I realized one month later, after I got nose bleeding everyday. Hahahaha :p

Office Outing in Megamendung and Anyer
It was my first experience for hiking mountain in Indonesia, Papandayan Mountain. You knew the feeling fainna ma'al usri yusro, after the hardship comes an ease. It was a breathtaking view in the top. I traveled with my office mate indeed, thus we could get closer than before. You need some travelings with your friends for knowing to each other better, right?

Hiking Papandayan Mountain
Another self learning that sometimes life will not going to be like we wanted. I planned to send my brother to Singapore for his senior high school. But Allah SWT the best Director of Journey at all, had another plan which is better, my brother got full scholarship for continuing to MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo. So this month, it was his departure to Celebes Island. It left my parents as two alone in home.

It was a month of Eid Mubarak, beside that Indonesia had a president election. In this month also I had my Korean Language test for  Level 1 and graduated with an average results 93 for listening, reading, speaking and writing.

My not so favorite month every year. Maybe I am weird because it was by born date during this month. Birthday means my allocated time to live in dunya will be reducing for one year. But gratefully I got some celebrations from my beloved friends in turning as 24 years old lady :)

24 Birthday Surprises
Nothing special events which happened in this month except I move to a rent house together as five with my fellow coworker. I leave my rent rooms in Pavilion for 2.5 years long. New home sweet home :)

Month full of picnic :D I went for another office outing to Anyer Beach as a chief of an event. It was a new experience for me indeed. Besides that I went for picnic too with my dormmate; Hanny, Henny, Ester, Tika to Gunung Pancar in Sentul Bogor. It was a good weekend escape, rather than having a meet up in Jakarta malls XD

Picnic to Gunung Pancar
Nothing special event during this month so I will skip this month too :p

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun, it was a month of lost. My grand dad returned to the Almighty, the Creator of Universe. He was a person whom encourage me at most for pursuing my study higher. I lost the listener, the teacher, the supporter. I hope we will reunite again in His Jannah :) I passed my new years eve in Jogjakarta together with my office coworkers. It was my first experience too for driving by my self Tasik-Jogja-Tasik, should I drive a bus too? :p

So far it was my best moment during 2014, the motivation I write this kaleidoscope in my blog is for proving some flash back about memories in future time. Besides that I hope this post too will inspire for each other :D


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