Feb 6, 2015

Lets Begin :)

It has been a very long time since I am hiatus from blogging. It was 2008, when I started blogging with an address http://felysia.blogspot.com But, due to a very long time hiatus from 2010, I could not open my blogger account again. So that's why in 2015 I started to make a new one :))
Hopefully, I can istiqomah for keeping a new posting update regularly. 
I targeted to post once a week (hopefully I can make it). Rather than I am busy in playing a Social Media, it is better to update this blog.

So welcome to my Long Road of Journey, this blog will resume along my journey. It could be everything, and I wish this blog will inspire you all too :)

L.E.T.S  B.E.G.I.N



  1. yeaaayyy, ayo ceritain yg Korea trip waktu dulu dooongg lsaa :D

    1. Siapp Kak, sama rincian budgetnya seru juga kali yaaa *mudah2an gak hanya draft aja*