May 2, 2015

Semarang; Holland van Java

One month , One city. The vision that I keep holding on during year 2015. On last March, I and my friends, Ester and Hanny went to Semarang, the capital city of Central Java province. It was a randomly picked up destination since we want to try to take train transportation.

Semarang Trip, March 2015

Apr 19, 2015

Bandung; Everyone's Favorite for Sweet-Weekend-Escape

On April 11th, I and my friend, Ester & Henny went to Bandung for weekend escape. Originally we will watch a musical collaboration performance titled “Kita Sama-sama Suka Hujan” from Indonesian local indie musician; Banda Neira, Layur, Gardika Gigih, Suta Suma & Jeremia Kimoshabe. Actually I am not that into local indie music hahaha, but let’s try something new, isn’t it?

We stayed in 101 Dago Hotel, it has a strategic location in the main area Jl Ir H Djuanda thus we can arrive easily to our main visiting places. We booked the hotel by, it offers a choice for a customer to pay on site. Thus we have not afraid for the cancelation fee since we pay during check in. The hotel has a unique & luxurious interior design, even though the space was too small rather than any other one.

Deluxe Room 101 Dago Hotel
We visited Rumah Buku Kineruku in Jl Hegarmanah, we were surprised for its neighborhood, and it was so calming, peaceful and green. The atmosphere inside Kineruku was so quite, it offers lots of books from arts, music, architecture, philosophy and it sells lots of indie music CD and cassettes. PS the shopkeepers was a little bit scary hahahaha

One Corner in Rumah Buku Kineruku
Rumah Buku Kineruku

Vintage Shop Garasi Opa
Peaceful Neighborhood in Jl Hegarmanah

Feb 8, 2015

What's Left from 2014

It is better late than never, isn't it? Ahahahaha. Eventhough we have entered into February, nothing wrong if we turn back for looking some memories that we had created in the past year 2014. To sum up, 2014 for me is a year full of learning for growing up and to be mature enough. Beside I turned 24, I could learn that sometimes life will not going like we imagined and wanted. But Allah SWT is the Best Director that already set up our journey in this dunya.

Who Moved?

I want to ask you, if you feel far away from Allah SWT, who moved?

Feb 6, 2015

Lets Begin :)

It has been a very long time since I am hiatus from blogging. It was 2008, when I started blogging with an address But, due to a very long time hiatus from 2010, I could not open my blogger account again. So that's why in 2015 I started to make a new one :))
Hopefully, I can istiqomah for keeping a new posting update regularly. 
I targeted to post once a week (hopefully I can make it). Rather than I am busy in playing a Social Media, it is better to update this blog.

So welcome to my Long Road of Journey, this blog will resume along my journey. It could be everything, and I wish this blog will inspire you all too :)

L.E.T.S  B.E.G.I.N